Just ordered a couple different tubes from eBay. I got 10 x IV-3A, 10 x IV-26, and 2 x IV-18. I'm most excited about the IV-18's. They are the same tubes as in the Ice Tube Clock from AdaFruit. I plan on making a clock out of them as well but it will display time and date. Already got a cool design for it in my head that I will have to get down on paper once the tubes come in and I can measure the exact dimensions. The two tubes will be positioned horizontally on top of each other with a brushed aluminum base containing all the electronics. As for the other-ones I have no idea what I'm gonna do with them yet, most likely I will make another clock with the IV-3A's. As for the IV-26's I'm not even sure why I bought them but they can be assembled into a 10x10 matrix which could be use-full for something. I will post updates as I go along but so far the tubes are still on their way from Bulgaria.


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